Mister Baby Innovation

The Nmf7 complex


A pool of active ingredients with mimetic action which simulates the composition of NMF, strengthening the moisturizing and protective action allowing prevention and treatment of dryness and irritation.


Restores the moisturizing mixture on the epidermal surface: restores the hydrophilic part of the hydrolipidic film that is lost by cleansing, atmospheric agents and physiological dehydration phenomena.

Maintains the right level of moisture of the horny layer: the horny layer contains corneocytes that, during maturation, produce a mixture of hygroscopic molecules (NMF) that act as a humectant; our complex strengthens this system, providing a degree of external humidity such as to keep the horny layer healthy.

Improves the skin's barrier function and its absorption: the complex forms a barrier on the epidermis that increases absorption of the molecules in the complex and improves hydration.