Mister Baby Advanced Research Center

Mister Baby Advanced Research Center is dedicated to the study of children and their wellbeing


The MISTER BABY ADVANCED RESEARCH CENTER is where we study babies. Here, a group of pediatricians, obstetricians and dermatologists work in close collaboration with major universities and alongside parents to create innovative products and systems for mothers and fathers, through careful observation and study of babies.

The center also avails of the unique, indispensable collaboration of parents, who, as the direct observers of their babies’ needs, provide us with an inexhaustible source of experience and valuable suggestions.


Every Mister Baby product was specially studied for your baby by the Mister Baby Advanced Research Center.
Because the safety of a child depends on who takes care of him.


Advance Research Center - The Results


NMF7 is the name of the new active component developed and patented after years of research by the Advanced Research Center, it replicates the natural action of Natural Moisturizing Factor in hydrating baby’s skin. Its seven natural components, some of which naturally and physiologically present on the skin, give this principle the ability to recreate the moisturizing mix of the dermis, keeping the right degree of humidity of the corneal layer and bettering the barrier function and the absorbent power of the skin. 

A baby's skin is very different from that of an adult and it needs specific products.





Nature has been taking care of babies since forever.

Mister Baby collaborates with L'Istituto Erboristico L'Angelica, leader in Nutraceuticals.

Together, Mister Baby and L'Angelica created two soluble herb tea for children wellbeing with Grape Sugar: a natural ingredient with 35% less sugar compared with the one we use at meals. 

Soluble herb teas Fennel and Chamomile are great for nightly colic. They contain Grape Sugar, which is naturally extracted from grapes and purified from all non-sugar substances without refinig.


L'Angelica and the Mister Baby Advanced Research Center - Research to feed our children